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Foreign Country USA

I was just threatened by the Chief of Police of Warm Springs Oregon. He told me & my family " I better get out of the Country or he is personaly going to take me out". Thursday, February 23, 2006


My Family and I were Violated, Patronized, Threatened and then Beaten & Pepper Sprayed by two Indian Reservation Police Officers. Sherwood & Perkins. We were obviously deprived of our "Personal Liberties"! (118US.356,357) on August 11th 2005

They Threatened & Degraded us over an hour Prior, with Bodily Harm & Physical Injury!! We were in Fear of our Lives & our Safety hours Prior to being Assaulted. In such Fear that we had to summons the help of an Oregon State Police Officer to save us from the Terror & Intimidation! We advised the Oregon State Trooper that we were being Threatened & Intimidated and that we need him to stay with us until the Rogue Indian Reservation Cops have left because we were in Fear of them and their Threats of Harm to Myself & my Family. I even pointed out to him which one was the Aggressor & Agitator. (Sherwood) He agreed to do so and he did just that!

(This was recorded by the Oregon State Police Officer and we have a copy of this recording from the Oregon State Police Department)

The 2 Indian Reservation Insurgent Pigs then Stalked and Intimidated us for over an hour. Driving by real slow (1-5 mph) in a 45 mph zone, HWY 26. 4 Times he did this. Flipping us off everytime he slowly drove past us. He also parked in the bushes and sat behind us for over 20 minutes. Then one of the Insurgent Pigs came to a skidding stop right next to my drivers door, he jumped out of his Patrol car and Threatened us again with Bodily Harm, Physical Injury & Vehicle Confiscation and when I said "You cant do this to us" "You cant Stalk us & then Threaten us".."What’s your Badge #"? He started laughing like a Drunk and called me a Fucking Idiot over & over, & said I watch to much God Damn TV and then he sped off in his Patrol car. (Perkins) Just jumped back in his car and left the scene. I told my Wife to go call 911 and tell them that we are being Threatened again by the same Insurgent Pig that we just requested help from the Oregon State Police to protect us from. They hung up on her! They hung up on her!! She figured that it had to be a bad connection. Who in their right mind would hang up on a women calling 911 for help. Na, They hung up on her. She called back a few more times & the lady kept hanging up on her. No sooner did she get back to the car crying saying they just kept hanging up on me, the other Insurgent Pig comes skidding up to the back of our car (we have pictures of this) He jumps out (this is the Same Exact Pig that was Threatening me earlier with Bodily Harm & Physical Injury, we had to ask a State Cop for help from and Who also has a Record of this Type of behavior!) He starts Patronizing & Threatening my wife. He said "Im sick of your Fucking Ass’s" grabbing at his gun, unsnapping it. I said to my wife,"get back in the car" "we are in the Twighlight zone" and pointed towards the door, as I turned around I was being Pepper Sprayed in the neck, chest, shoulder, back & head. The Insurgent Pig was so Hyped up and out of control that he couldn’t even aim straight. I yelled out "what the hell are you doing"? "what’s wrong with you"? "what did we do to you"? "what did we do to deserve this"? He screams out "you're going down you God Damn Punk!" "I hate mother fuckers like you"! And started hitting me with his Metal Stick. I said "what the hell is wrong with you people"? I then screamed at my wife to "Run, Run, Run, go call 911, call the police, call the State Police, Fast, Run, Run. Get help fast"! It was Clear to us that we were in a Lawless town ran by a bunch of Insurgent Pigs that force their own rule of Law! As she ran I was walking backwards saying to the Coward "you cant do this to my family". My hands were up in the air and I was walking backwards the entire time. I couldn’t turn my back on the Coward that was obvious. He just kept Beating & Beating & Spraying. As my wife was on the Phone trying to call 911, I was walking backwards around the phone booth in circles yelling for him to stop,"Please stop" " don’t you see what you are doing to my boys". (12&15) Who were crying hysterically and screaming "what’s wrong with you"? "Why are you doing this to us"? "Please stop hitting my Dad". Then the other Insurgent Pig came skidding into the parking lot, jumped out of his car and started Beating me with his Metal Stick & Pepper Spraying me. As he was Attacking me the other one stops Beating me and jumps my 15 year old Son, throws him to the ground, yanks his head back by his hair and sprays him point blank right in his eyes with his Pepper Spray. Why? Why did he attack my son? Why? Because he is a God Damn Coward that’s why! A God Damned Worthless Coward!!! He couldn’t chop me down so he took it out on my defenseless boy. Coward! Coward!! Coward!!! My son was doing absolutely nothing! Absolutely nothing!!!! He was crying and asking Why? Why? Why? & "Please Stop" Please Stop"!

The Insurgent Pig that Attacked my Son then comes over to where I am being Beaten (as my Son is handcuffed on the ground screaming & kicking in Pain) and sticks his Gun in my face and starts screaming "Im going to kill you" "Im going to kill you mother fucker" "You fucking punk, Im going to fucking kill you" as the other one is Beating & Spraying me. (you don’t have a clue as to how I wanted to protect myself & family at this point, & very well could have if I chose that route, which I did not!!) All the while the Sheriff and other Warm Springs Cops in the background were moving out of the way of the Bullet Travel & the whole time I was yelling "Who are you people? What’s wrong with you? You cant do this to us, You cant do this to my Family. I said "Go ahead and shoot an unarmed man with his hands in the air" "Walking backwards and begging you to stop" "You want me to turn my back too"? (my wife and younger son seen two Native Americans grab a rifle from their trucks back window, why? Humm! I guarantee it wasent to shoot me!) I asked the Crowd that had gathered if they would do something if the Coward Insurgent Pigs kept hitting me when I get on the ground, I started to kneel on one knee, hands still in the air, still in the air, not resisting in any way shape or form (actually saying"please stop hitting me") and the Insurgent Pig figured this was his chance to inflict some damage since I was in a Vulnerable position, (hands in the air and on my knees) & he started Beating me even more. He yells out "We don’t negotiate" "We don’t negotiate with Punks" and continues to Beat me. This is called a Coward! A God Damn Coward!! Cowards do not belong behind a Badge & a Gun. Especially on an Indian Reservation where they don’t have to obey their own Laws, let alone any of the Constitutional Rights of any American traveling thru their "Above the Law" Foreign Country"! After I realized the Coward wasent there to arrest me, he was there to do what he said he was going to do, hours earlier! Which was to Inflict Bodily Harm and Physically Injure ME!! I stood up, took a few more blows with their Metal Sticks, a few more shots with their Pepper Sprays. I screamed out at the Crowd, "Don’t you people see what these Cops are doing? They yelled out "Yes we see them" I said "will you do something then if he starts hitting me again when I get down & try to surrender? They yelled out "Yeah man we got your back". "We are watching them". The Insurgent Pigs then calmed down enough where I then knelt down & allowed them to handcuff me. It just so happens that there were Sheriff's Officers & other Warm Springs Cops in the Crowd who just watched me & my 15 year old son being Beaten. Why? Why did they just watch? Why didn’t they get involved? I took over 50 Blows from 2 Metal Sticks, I was Pepper Sprayed and I had to Watch while my 15 year old Son was Attacked, Assaulted and Tortured for no reason!!!!!!!!!! Over a 3 hour period, We were Victimized, Patronized, Belittled, Degraded, Stalked, Tortured, Threatened Repeatedly, Assaulted, Falsely Arrested, Falsely Imprisoned, Illegal Vehicle Search, Victims of False Polices Reports, Hung up on by the Entity (911) that was established to PROTECT people who are in Imminent Danger and being Threatened, Stalked & Tortured!!! Not once! Not Twice! Not Even Tree times! Over & Over they Hung Up on a Women who was crying out in Desperate need of HELP!!! Because of her Negligence (911 Operator) we were Attacked & Assaulted anyway! We tried to stop the Imminent attack hours earlier!!! Do you think any of it has stopped? Well it sure as hell has not!!! My Family is Traumatized to say the least! I can give you a very long list of Depression, Nightmares, Physical Damage, Mental Damage, Emotional Damage and so on and I can personally guarantee you that it was not brought on because of me Beating Cops or Resisting Arrest!

I only spent about an hour in Jail, no bail, no nothing! For Resisting Arrest & Beating Cops?? About a month later I find out that the Insurgent Pigs are now saying that I hit them! How Pathetic!! They actually FILED a Police Report saying that I beat one of the Pigs in the Face several times. Where was his injuries? Why would I stop beating him? If I would have started beating him, I guarantee I would not have stopped! Especially after the Coward attacked my innocent 15 year old son!!! Why is it then that no one else seen this? Not even their own witness who stated that he seen the entire incident from beginning to end yet he never says anything about the Insurgent Pigs being hit or me even attempting to hit anyone. How about the other Warm Springs Cop that was there with his little ride along buddy who was about 10 years old?! Another one of their Falsified Police Reports states that I kicked the other Insurgent Pig Several times in the Stomach. Their witnesses never seem to have never seen this part of the incident either and neither did the Sheriff or the other Warm Springs Cops! Why is that? Why? Because it’s a God Damn Lie that’s why? This is called a FALSE POLICE REPORT. Ask any of their witnesses if they ever seen me even act like I was going to hit them, ask them if I tried to protect myself or my family at any point, in any way shape or form, none of their witnesses seen this part!! Not even their witness that says he seen the whole thing from beginning to end. Liars Too! Wow, go figure!

My hands were in the air the entire time I was being Beaten, Tortured & Assaulted. I will not spend one day in Jail for a False Police Report Written & Filed by two Insurgent Pigs that were Threatening us with Bodily Harm & Injury hours Prior to us being Stalked, Tortured, Victimized, Assaulted, Attacked and Victims of the Worst kind of Gross Misconduct that there is!

WE ARE THE VICTIMS and we are still suffering from it, Daily!!!!!!!!!!!

We are seeking Your Type of Justice!

Now lets see it!

Stand up!

"If so-called Public Officers will Infringe on men's Rights, they ought to Pay Greater Damages than other men, to Deter and Hinder other Officers from the Like Offences."

Federal criminal civil rights law prohibits law enforcement agents from conspiring to interfere with federally protected rights, depriving rights under color of law, or using or conspiring to use force, or threat of force, to interfere with the free exercise of our civil rights.

We haven’t even brought up the 911 Operator or My Physical Injuries let alone the Mental & Emotional problems we are all experiencing.

Daniel J Brown




The United States Constitution provides fundamental rights which cannot be denied. All law must comply with the basic fundamental rights and guarantees provided by the United States Constitution. The protections afforded under the Constitution of the United States, as well the constitutions of the various states, are provided to all persons. Any law which violates constitutional law may be overturned through the court system and thus prosecution based upon such law would be prohibited. Courts are routinely asked to determine whether the prosecution of a person would violate Constitutional law.

"BLUE WALL of Justice"

"You know the words on the side of police cars "We Serve And Protect", let me tell you every time I see that I'm sick with grief. It doesn't apply to anyone. It should read, "hey, we serve and protect our own"!

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Where are our Constitutional Rights as an Americans?

The Initial Traffic Stop should have been delt with. The Beatings that happened after we Begged for help from the Oregon State Police should have been delt with. What about the treatment I recieved after the Stalking, Torture, Beatings, Aggrevated Assault, Gross Misconduct? What are we going thru now? Did I get a Phone call? My Medicine? I was treated like Dog Shit and we still are being treated like Dogs.

Who's going to stand up? The Government? Warm Springs, Jefferson County? Madras? Me?

If Warm Springs Indians are not bound to our Laws & we are not bound to thiers then why in the Hell did Matthew Sherwood tell us that he was Judge, Jury & Excutioner and steal my Oregon Drivers License and then force us to sit there like sitting ducks in a shootong gallery?

I live in Oregon. Its a State in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Since when does AMERICA allow foreign compounds to operate in the UNITED STATES? Whos Laws do they go by? Above the Law? Not in my Book!

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Matthew Sherwood-Madras-Warm Springs

Micheal Perkins-Madras-Warm Springs

Enes Smith-Warm Springs

all three of these Losers are Pathetic Liars. Enes Smith even gives Lectures on "How to tell when someone is Lying". How Patheticly Ironic!